Testing Isotope eCommerce

Testing Isotope eCommerce on your own server

Contao Open Source CMS and Isotope eCommerce

You want to test Isotope eCommerce extensively on your own server? Then download the .tar.gz package (Unix) or .zip package (Windows) first. Within that package there are an isotope_ecommerce.sql as well as a directory containing the files of Contao Open Source CMS 3.5.28 and Isotope eCommerce 2.4.4.

You can find the system requirements in the manual.

Then add a new database in your system and import the sql dump.

Adding a database for the demo
Adding a database for the demo
Importing the sql dump of the demo

Importing the sql dump of the demo

Move the content of the directory isotope on the server and open http://www.yourdomain.org/contao/install.php in your favorite browser and assign a new password.

If you place the files in a subfolder, you have to adapt the following line in the .htaccess.
RewriteBase /subfolder/

Enter the database connection details and credentials (host, username, password and database) to the database you have just added bevore and then click on Save database settings.

You can now gently check the front end or log in in the back end via http://www.yourdomain.org/contao/ as Kevin Jones (username: k.jones and password: kevinjones).

We wish you loads of fun! Answers to possible questions you'll either find in the manual or the Community forums.

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