Isotope eCommerce Circle FAQ

I only need one time support, why should I become a member for that?

Both, Contao as well as Isotope eCommerce are free of charge open source products. However, just like regular paid/licensed software, Contao and Isotope eCommerce need to be maintained and improved. This generates costs. Costs that also within the sector of free of charge software needs to be covered and which a one time support payment can obviously never cover. The goal of the Isotope eCommerce Circle is to spread these costs on many shoulders to ensure that Isotope does not vanish and disappear into the nirvana of non-maintained open source software. We are very convinced that this must be in the interest of any eCommerce operator or their agency (no matter whether they create just one store per year or ten) that the software they use is being maintained. The model for one time support payments ignores the sustainability of the software.

I would like to contribute financially but would not like to join the Circle. Is this possible?

Yes, sure! We will gladly provide you with an invoice for the desired donation amount. Just get in touch with us directly. Note that we cannot issue any official donation receipt as we are legally not allowed to do so. In addition, you cannot benefit from the advantages of the Circle for one-time donations.

If you don't want to use regular bank transfers just use our PayPal account (e-mail:).