Help writing on the manual

The manual is managed on GitHub and we'd love to get your Pull Requests. If you aren't familiar with them, please don't give in but rather send us an e-mail (add screenshots and attachments etc.) or use the feedback form.

Bevor you start, please check the "Standards for the manual".

Standards for the manual


For the documentation we prefer informal writing and the general notation of Markdown. The documentation is automatically parsed and displayed on Besides the general Markdown notation there are some additional, Isotope eCommerce documentation specific keywords that are documented in this article.

Frequently used words

In Contao as well as Isotope eCommerce there are a few words that are being used repeatedly. To guarantee some kind of homogenous spelling of those, they are documented hereafter:

Correct spellingWrong spellings
Isotope eCommerce e-Commerce, Ecommerce, ECommerce
front end Front end, Front-End, frontend
back end Back end, Back-End, backend

Special Markdown notation

Current version

To display the current version of the manual you can use the following notation:

Root of the documentation

To ease referencing images or other things and not forcing you to use relative paths you can always start from the repository root and thus use the following notation:

Sitemap of the documentation

Displays a complete sitemap of the documentation:


Use the following notation to include an image:

<docrobot_image path="~" alt="~">

The attributes width as well as height are automatically added.


<docrobot_image path="images/isotope.png" alt="Isotope Logo">

If you would like to point something out to the reader you can use messages:

<docrobot_message type="~">
  <p>This is a warning, be careful!</p>

The following types (type="~") are available:

  • warning (yellow)
  • info (blue)
  • success (green)
"New in version x.x"

To document a feature that has been added to Isotope eCommerce in a certain version you can use the following notation:

<docrobot_new_in_version version="~">
  <p>This feature is new in this version.</p></docrobot_new_in_version>

version="~" has to contain the version (e.g. 2.0).

Link to another page within the manual

The config.json determines the structure of the manual and is made up of routes. To linkt o a certain route you can use the following notation:

<docrobot_route name="~">Link description</docrobot_route>

name="~" has to contain the route name of your target link.


<docrobot_route name="products">Link</docrobot_route>
Link with anchor
<docrobot_route name="~">Link description</docrobot_route>

name="~" has to contain the route and path="~" the achnor.


<docrobot_route name="products" path="#anchor">Link with anchor</docrobot_route>